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Tommy’s wildlife blog – August 2011

      I led a pavement plant guided walk through the streets of Bloomsbury on August 20th. There are always a lot more plant species in this environment than people think. Each plant has its own natural history and association … Continue reading

Dave’s Wildlife blog – July 2011

We enjoyed a superb Summer Wildlife break with the Field Studies Council at their Orielton Field Centre in Pemrokeshire in July 2011. Puffins were particularly confiding: The waters here are rich in wildlife. This is a Compass jellyfish:

Dave’s Wildlife blog – June 2011

In June I joined the Marylebone Bird Watching Society for a well organised birding break in the Scottish Highlands. This Yellowhammer entranced us with its singing to the skies:           Red squirrels were a common sight:

Dave’s Wildlife blog – March 2011

I enjoyed a great Wine & Wildlife holiday in South Africa back in February/ March. This was as close to my perfect break as I am ever likely to get! As well as fantastic wine, food and scenery it was a chance … Continue reading