Documents that we hope you will enjoy

The Belsize Wood LNR Management Plan

The Adelaide LNR Management Plan

The Westbere LNR Management Plan

Web links to useful organisations

Amateur Entomological Society
Insect organisation for amateur enthusiasts

Bat Conservation trust
The leading UK bat organisation

British Leaf Mines
The best site for leaf mine identification

BBC Science & Nature
Masses of wildlife news and features focussing on BBC programmes

British Plant Gall Society
Organisation for those interested in these fascinating plant growths

British Trust for Ornithology
Promoters of serious research into birds

Britain’s largest conservation volunteering group

British Association of Nature Conservationists
An organisation that takes a critical look at the world of nature conservation

The British Bryological Society
All about mosses

The British Lichen Society
Where to learn about these intriguing fungal/ algal symbiotes

All about the conservation of Britain’s invertebrates

Butterfly Conservation
Protecting Britain’s butterflies

Support for amphibians and reptiles
All about fungi, with good links

Greenspace Information for Greater London – where to report your wildlife observations

London Wildlife Trust
London’s leading wildlife & conservation organisation

The Mammal Society
Dedicated to the study and conservation of British mammals

Natural England
The government’s advisor on the natural environment

Organisation that campaigns to protect Britain’s plant species

Royal Entomological Society
An internationally important organisation disseminating information about insects

The largest UK organisation for bird people

UK Moths
Hosting a massive archive of photographs of British moths

An enormous resource of wildlife links – worth a thorough browsing

The Wildlife Trusts
National site of all UK Wildlife trusts

…and lastly London’s best social and activities club
London IVC

Dave Lawrence & Tommy Root trading as Nature for the Community